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It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time for the golfer in your life to start stocking up for 2022. Golf has been thriving over the past few years, especially as an outdoor activity, and we’ve put together a great collection of gear, accessories and products that should be a delight to anyone obsessed with the game. Not all of these are necessarily specific to playing a round of golf, but all of them are built by companies who care about the game and want to make it more fun to play. Let’s take a look at of our golf holiday gift guide!

Mizzen+Main Leeward Dress Shirt: Phil Mickelson was right, the shirts are good. While this is not a golf-exclusive product, it’s still an amazing fit and has become probably my favorite dress shirt I own. Could not recommend more highly.

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor: This is a tremendous alternative to the wildly-priced launch monitors pros use that none of the rest of us can afford. It takes your iOS device and measures things like distance, club speed, ball speed and launch angle. All with a tiny, mobile, easy-to-use device. The Rapsodo mobile launch monitor is $100 off on Amazon, the Rapsodo website and at retailers for the remainder of December.

Lululemon Down Fr It All Hoodie: Lulu has recently made a bigger push into the golf world, and I’m glad for that. A lot of my friends wear their gear to play — especially some of the joggers and polos — and this jacket fits into that category as well. Roomy enough to swing a club but warm and snug enough to keep you comfortable throughout an entire round. I haven’t found much from Lululemon I wouldn’t recommend, but this particular product is next level.

Goodr Back 9 Blackout: There is a lot to like about Goodr’s sunglasses, and these are my favorites of all the products I’ve tried. They fit great, won’t fall off while you’re playing and — maybe best of all — they only cost $25 so you don’t feel terrible when you (inevitably) step on them. I’m very much into all the golf glasses Goodr has been creating recently.

Odyssey White Hot OG #7S Stroke Lab Putter: I recently switched to this putter, and it is an absolutely fantastic piece of equipment. I’m a big fan of heavier putters and have even gone with longer ones in the past to get this weighty feeling. This one delivers on that front, and — in my opinion — is the best-looking of all the White Hot putters Callaway makes. I’ve been absolutely loving the feel of it in the time I’ve spend on the course since it arrived.

Linksoul Kirkwall Down Vest: Linksoul has been a part of mine for a while now, and their stuff is easy to love. I’ve been absolutely wearing out this vest this fall both on and off the course. Their products are fabulous and crafted especially for those of us who are absolutely in love with the game. That’s their big thing. Other companies might make golf products, but Linksoul is a golf company that happens to make products, and you can tell in the way their clothes are designed.

TRUE Linkswear True Knit II: I’m partly embarrassed to admit that I do wear these shoes even when I’m not playing golf. The rubber spikes on them are small enough that most folks can’t tell that I’m walking to the coffee shop in golf shoes, and the ones who can tell understand why somebody would do so. That’s how comfortable TRUE Links’ kicks are. A winner on and off the golf course.