Wickenburg Country Club
Dog Friendly Patio

Coming to get something to eat?







Bring your fur friend along for the ride!

Dog Owners:

– Dogs must enter patio without passing through the clubhouse.

– No dogs allowed within seven feet of any entrance to the interior of the clubhouse.

– All dogs shall be kept on a short leash and remain under the control of the owner.

– All dogs shall wear a collar or harness and have a current dog license.

– Dogs shall not be allowed on any seat, chair, table, counter, or owners lap.

– Dogs shall not be allowed to contact reusable food service dishes or utensils.

– Dogs may only have contact with disposable single service containers for food or water.

– Dog waste must be cleaned up immediately with dog waste bags and dog friendly chemicals.

– Dog waste shall be placed in a fly-tight container outside of the patio.